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By associating with slaves who steal the leavings of food
these ministers have come to destroy (the good name) of the
(royal: family. The worthy barber, Kondoju. who knows what
is proper is more sensible.*

K^ndnxuru fiudra

Moreover, Kondoju, the barber gave Raiuaraju such a
cleiiii a< d comfortable shave at Vijayanagara that he won
the royal approbation. Ramaraja granted him graciously a
charter as a mark of his appreciation of Kondoju'S workman-
ship. The pannif and kanike which the barbers had to pay to
the government in the village of Vtukuru included in the sima
of Pottapi-nadu belonging to the God T irtlvengalanatha were
made sarvamanya at Awuku. In the same manner, the pannu
and the paryaya which the barber, Elloju, had to pay in
Pondaluru in the Pottapi slma were also made sarvamanya^

Kaijiyat of GfthM : £, R* 22, p. 18Q,
183(a).   SADASIVA.


When Sadasiva asceaded the throne of Vijayanagara, he
appointed Ramaraju ilurtiiaju Vitthala as the governor of
KondavidtL ; Titthala made a grant of land to the god Konda
Singarayya on JL§adha isa 12, Virodhikrt ^, S. 147& Sadasiva
ruled for 27 years from S. B. 14*^4 to S3. S. 1490.

* • Mae. Ms*, 15-4-40, pp. 23-»,

After £aka year 1420, Madura and Trichinopoly became
the fief of Visvanatha Nayaka and Narasimhacariyar, the son
o£ Vadhula Desikar, got him to make the follovdng gifts to the
temple : (gold vessels, etc.t names omitted).

* Tfais verse iras composed exi«mpor» by tha po«t in tfce dorbtr of R3ua*rSj* a* *
mark of his appreciation of Kon(J5ji's help in getting him introdttc«d at th» cottrt.